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Grandpa's Great Escape (BBC children's drama, 2017)

Set in the 1980s, a boy decides to help his Grandpa, a Second World War pilot who now suffers from Alzheimer's disease, escape from an old folks' home.

The Christmas 2017 dramatisation of David Walliams' novel contains his usual collection of grotesques, but it's also enlivened by the appearance of Bobby Graham's superb restored KFF586P. New in 1976 to Parry (Regina Travel) of Blaenau Ffestiniog, this AEC Reliance with Plaxton Supreme coachwork is now in the 1970s livery of Clyde Coast of Saltcoats, albeit disguised here. A fuller history can be found on the website of the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust. Bobby comments, "I drove the coach into shot and position then the director took the driver's seat for the static and internal shots."
He's also kindly provided some behind the scenes photographs from the filming. This before and after pair show how the coach was dressed with a fictional fleetname:
As can be seen from these views, the 'National War Museum' is played here by the 1930 Art Deco office block of India Tyres of Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, which is now preserved, and based on a similar design to the better known Hoover building in Perivale, West London..
[note that these are Bobby's own photographs and should not be reproduced without his permission]
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