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Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense (Hammer mystery series, 1984-5)

Horror anthology series, entertaining but of variable quality. The budget seems to have been fairly limited, as evidenced by the examples below.

Episode 5: The Late Nancy Irving:

An American woman is met at Gatwick Airport and driven away in an Aston Martin. A sinister man is watching, and follows them in his own car. Parked in the background is a London Country Green Line TD class Leyland Tiger/Duple:
Later in the episode an establishing shot of Gatwick Airport features another Green Line coach, an RS class Plaxton bodied AEC Reliance, in a modified Green Line livery. Some of this class were repainted with gold bands to mark 50 years of Green Line services, and were then redeployed in on the 777 Flightlink service operated jointly with Southdown:
We then see the Aston Martin arrive at the airport to drop the woman's companion off; the TD is parked in the same place, and there's another coach behind it. It's embarrassingly obvious that this sequence was filmed before the departure sequence!

Episode 10: The Corvini Inheritance:

High jinks filming with a London Transport MD class Scania Metropolitan. The bus is first seen dropping passengers off in the dark:
In a daytime scene, one of the main characters, played by Jan Francis, is waiting for a bus on route 36B in London, but when it stops, it's nearly full and she can't get on. As it draws away, we see the registration, OUC438R.
A second bus approaches and this time she's able to board it. Registration is OUC138R.

All is not quite as it seems, however. (Where do I start?) Firstly all three buses are played by the same vehicle, former London Transport MD138 (OUC138R). Then there's the date: this was filmed in 1984. MDs were removed from 36 route family in 1980. Next the registration OUC438R on the back of the bus is fictional. Then there's the location - this street was not on the 36B route. And there's the bus itself. 36B was run by Peckham garage, which had MD1-111 allocated. MD138 was one of the batch (MD112-64) allocated to New Cross garage, and never operated from Peckham. In fact, at the time the bus was owned by Stephen Smith, who provided some of the background when I posted this on the 'Remembering Metro-Scania & Metropolitan Buses' Facebook page.

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