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The Hello Girls (BBC drama series, 1996-8)
Set in Derby telephone exchange in the 1960s, "this had occasional shots of a Southend Massey-bodied Daimler painted in Derby Corporation livery. There was also use of a blue painted Bedford OB." (thanks Bob Wingrove). Nick Webster identifies the Daimler as GLX913, a Daimler CWA6 with an interesting history. It was new in 1944 to London Transport as D27 with a Duple highbridge body. In 1953 it was acquired by Southend Corporation via a dealer, and in 1954 it was fitted with a lowbridge Massey body and put into service as Southend 263. After a third career with Southend Police it was preserved and repainted for this series, with registration number CRC895. The real CRC895 was Derby 95, a Willowbrook bodied Daimler CVD6 new in 1952.
Nick also notes that a vehicle featured more than the Daimler was Potteries L453 (NEH453), a 1949 Leyland OPD2/1 with a 1951 Northern Counties body fitted in 1954.
Episode 1.01
Good footage of a trip on GLX913, including a view showing the side gangway upstairs:
A glimpse of NEH453:
Episode 1.04
GLX913 passes NEH453 in heavy rain:
Episode 1.05
This Bedford OB is seen once:
GLX453 on the move:
Episode 2.02
Although NEH453 appears in several episodes, we don't get to see much of it:
Episode 2.08
.....and this is NEH453 again:
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