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Hi De Hi (BBC sitcom, 1980-8)
Episode 3.5: Trouble and Strife:
Preserved Eastbourne Corporation AEC Regal III/East Lancs 11(AHC411) brings holidaymakers to Maplin's Holiday Camp followed by Eastern National 309 (ONO49), a 1950 Bristol L5G/Eastern Coachworks. "Both vehicles were being kept at Castle Point Transport Museum at that time. Filming took place on the North Norfolk Railway at Weybourne station." (thanks Nick Webster)

Episode 3.5: Stripes:
This time Eastern National 309 appears alone:
Episode: 9.1: Tell it to the Marines
1987 episode featuring an assault course challenge between the camp staff and a team of Marines also features Eastbourne 11, and an Eastern National Bristol L - unfortunately we don't see much of the latter.
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