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His Dark Materials (BBC fantasy drama, 2019)
Partly set in Oxford, but an Oxford in two parallel and linked worlds.

Episode 2: The Idea of North:
Views of the more familiar Oxford include a night shot of St Aldates, and Oxford Bus 606 (SC64OXF) an ADL E400MMC in BrookesBus livery but operating route X3 from Abingdon. Behind it are two more Oxford Bus vehicles: a new Mercedes Tourismo in blue Airline livery returning from Heathrow Airport passes a Wright Streetdeck on route 5:
In the same street, in daylight, Stagecoach Oxford 10432 (SK15HCO, ADL E40D) on route 5 to Blackbird Leys leads an ADL E400H in green hybrid livery on route 10 to the John Radcliffe Hospital, and an Oxford Bus E400MMC in BrookesBus livery on route X13 also to the John Radcliffe, while Oxford Bus 306 (HF11OXF, ADL E400H) picks up bound for Abingdon on route 35:
There's a glimpse of a Tom Tappin sightseeing bus, which appears to be 2058 (T110DBW), a Dennis Trident new to Oxford Bus as Park and Ride liveried 110:

Episode 3: The Spies:
A brief view of the High this time. A Stagecoach Oxford Scania N230UD/Alexander route branded for service S3 to Chipping Norton moves past to reveal Oxford Bus 367 (OXF17V), a Volvo B5LH/Wright in Oxford Pride livery. Behind 367 is a Stagecoach Oxford ADL E300, being overtaken by Oxford Bus 72 (X90LDN) a Volvo B11R with Plaxton Interdeck body heading for London, and behind that can be glimpsed Oxford Bus 662 (SK66HVG), a Wright Streetdeck liveried for the Great Western Railway, and behind that a Tom Tappin opentopper. Heading away from the camera is a Weavaway Travel Volvo B11R/Jonckheere:
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