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Holding Back the Years (BBC magazine show, 2017-)
A magazine series about keeping healthy post retirement.
Episode 1.03 is presented by TV chef Ainsley Harriot, and much of it is recorded aboard a London General NBFL.
The bus sequence is introduced by archive footage of a London Transport DMS Daimler Fleetline on route 39:
It's followed by a pair of Grey Green Leylands passing at speed. One appears to have registration xx3380:
As Ainsley intones 'Nothing says London more than the old Routemaster.....' we see footage of RTL1584 (!) (OLD803). That's compounded by the next clip of two RT family 'deckers:
Then we're introduced to the Routemaster's 'successor, the Wright NBFL, in this case it's London General LT60 (LTZ1060) in heritage London General livery:

It's seen followed by other vehicles, a Bova from Johnson's of Henley in Arden barely seen, and another London General NBFL, LT480 (LTZ1480):
Also seen are three Arriva London Volvo B5LH hybrids with Wright body, one unidentifiable, the others being HV28 (LJ11EFU) and HV40 (LJ11EFL):
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