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Inspector George Gently (BBC crime drama series, 2007-17)
Episode 1:2: Bomber's Moon
Set in North East England in the early 1960s. A German man under investigation for fraud tries to make his escape to Newcastle on the bus before being intercepted and arrested by DS Bacchus. The bus has registration 937EFG, which appears to be a fake; it's a Leyland Royal Tiger/Burlingham, possibly from the Bournemouth Corporation batch NLJ267-72 but can anyone confirm which one?
Episode 3:2: Peace and Love
Set in 1966, this episode includes a peace demonstration and an appearance by a suitably decorated West Yorkshire Road Car CUG27 (8124WX), a 1961 Bristol MW6G/Eastern Coachworks:
Later in the episode a young woman leaves for Liverpool aboard JHL701, a 1956 Bedford SBG/Plaxton Consort in the livery of Swans of Berwick:
(thanks Rob Sissons)

Episode 7.01: Gently With The Women
A bus station scene with not one, but TWO preserved Albion Nimbuses. More clearly seen is green Reading bodied Guernsey Railways 75 (JNP590C). Red Western Welsh 7 (TUH7) is bodied by Harrington:
Episode 7.04: Son of a Gun
Rear view of preserved OSK831, a Plaxton bodied Karrier BFD3023, originally registered 6666U, new to Brocksbank of Bramley in 1958 (thanks Keith)
Episode 8.02: Gently and the New Age
A scene at a picket line at a factory set in Newcastle features two buses. Only preserved L14 (PPT446P, a 1975 Leyland Leopard/Plaxton) of The Eden Bus Company is identifiable, although only partially seen. The bus is an anachronism, although the body type isn't. Even less of the second bus can be seen:
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