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In Deep (BBC crime drama, 2001-3)
Episode 2.1; Untouched part 1:
Scenes in Reading include views of several local operators at Reading General railway station. Of the two buses seen here, the rear is a Volvo B10B/Plaxton Verde of Arriva The Shires, new to Oxford Bus Company but transferred to Arriva as part of the Wycombe Bus operation. The front bus is from Thames Travel, probably a Dennis Dart:
Seen here are an Optare Delta and MCW Metrobus of Reading Transport:
Also parked behind the Delta is Chiltern Queens Y313KDP, a Volvo B6BLE/East Lancs, shortly before takeover by Thames Travel:
This view of a van used for surveillance also includes a lurking Reading Transport Optare Excel:

Episode     2.7: Breach of Trust part 1:
Undercover cop Kelly (Carli Norris) is bundled aboard former London General Metrobus/MCW M176 (BYX176V) on route 73, by then owned by Actionbus. The same bus appeared in prison drama Bad Girls.
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