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It's Marty (BBC comedy series, 1968-9)
Sketch: Lightning Coach Tours

Scot Fergie notes the coach used is Birch Brothers ALD29B, an AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier. The sketch starts with a shot of the bootlid with (crumpled) fake vinyl on it reading 'Lightning Coach Tours, Margate 09712'. The driver is comedian John Junkin.

John Hewitt also noted "I was travelling downstairs on a route 12 Routemaster when on the RV/CCTV screen I was surprised to see the Marty Feldman/John Junkin ("It's Marty") speeded-up coach trip to Margate." The clip featured in a giveaway DVD from 'The Sun' newspaper, hence the sudden wider exposure.....

"The footage was much speeded up on a whistle-stop package coach tour - hence Marty hanging out of the door in one shot."(thanks Scot)

(suggested by Dave Kat, filled out by Bob Wingrove)

"Also in the same series was a sketch entitled 'A day in the life of a stuntman' where Marty goes to get the bus and the conductor says room for one more on top so he jumps up to the roof and sits there." The bus is AEC Regent III RT HLW175 (formerly London Transport RT188) operating for Red Rover,
Aylesbury (thanks Bob Wingrove):

A cricketing sketch has fast bowler Marty walking an exceptionally long way in order to bowl, across the pitch, through bushes, Brighton traffic, a pub.....seen in the traffic on the walk back and also on his run in to bowl is a (blurred) Brighton Hove and District Bristol Lodekka:
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