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JAG (NBC then CBS military action series, 1995-2005)
Episode: 1:7 Brig Break
Centres on the hijacking of a Ford prison bus from the Seatac Island Naval Base in Washington State. Registration unclear, but it has T71 on the roof.

Episode: 1:11 Sightings
An unidentified motorcoach appears in the final scene.

Episode: 2:6 Trinity
Ostensibly set in Belfast, this episode filmed in California features former Hants and Dorset Bristol Lodekka/Eastern Coachworks 1232 (FEL428D) in Tilling red/cream with 'Carnaby Street 12' in the destination box.
It may be the show wanted a Routemaster; one scene has Catherine Bell's character standing on the street looking at postcards in a shop doorway. The bus drives up, pauses; when it passes the camera she's seen to have got on it at the back - not impossible, but difficult on a forward-entrance Lodekka!
The scene is also notable for a starstruck extra waving to the camera as the bus passes! At the end of the episode another double decker is glimpsed at the end of a street - this looks like a lowbridger in London Transport red with a gold fleetname, possibly a Bristol K.

Episode: 3:24 To Russia With Love
Has a brief shot of Moscow trolleybus 4308, one of the few genuine-looking sequences in this ostensibly Russian-set story.
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