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Jericho (Granada crime series, 2005)
Crime drama set in 1958 London, starring Robert Lindsay.

Episode 1: A Pair of Ragged Claws
Concerning the murder of a fitter at 'Notting Hill London Transport depot'. Partly filmed at Cobham Bus Museum, and featuring several preserved former London Transport buses provided by London Bus Preservation Trust: Leyland Titan RTL139 (KGK803) was new in 1949 and withdrawn in 1967. Leyland Tiger PS1 TD95 (JXC288) was was also new in 1949 and withdrawn in 1962. AEC Regent STL2377(EGO426) was new in 1937 but sold in 1954, so would not have been with LT in 1958. Including prototype Routemaster RML3 (SLT58) is stretching a point perhaps but it was new in January 1958, so not strictly an anachronism!
A fitter is seen being followed leaving his job at the bus garage. RTL139 is up on the ramp, and as he walks into the open, RML3 ghosts into the gap between it and TD95:
There's a scene inside a canteen - this is another Cobham vehicle, preserved London Transport service vehicle 702B (JXC2)new in 1948. This is an articulated unit with a Bedford O tractor - see this link for more details on the London Bus Preservation Trust's website. (thanks to Nick Abbott for this confirmation)
There's another glimpse of RML3 on the right, with RTL139 on the ramp and STL2377 on the left:
Here we see the recreation of Piccadilly Circus for the first time, only slightly spoiled by three CGI images of STL2377 - it might have been better to change the advert on the side!
(thanks Stephen Allcroft, Colin Read, Chris Hough and Ian Hardie)

Episode 2: The Killing of Johnny Swan
More of the Piccadilly street corner scene, this time featuring STL2377 in the foreground and background, and RTL139 on the right:
Another night scene shows a group of athletes getting off a small coach, apparently a Bedford OB - but which one?
Episode 3: To Murder and Create
Yet more footage of 'Piccadilly'; the first shot shows RTL139 passing STL2377 with a CGI STL2377 in the background, the second STL2377 alone with another CGI STL2377:


The Making of 'Jericho'
A companion documentary shows how the period atmosphere was created, and shows the recreation of Piccadilly Circus at night. However the first bus seen is not preserved, but a dining bus, an ex-London Transport MCW Metrobus:
To filming, and a daylight view of STL2377:
STL2377 and RTL139 form a backdrop to interviews:
...and here they're seen against a green screen - in the second shot the 'Piccadilly' background is faded in to show how the scene goes together.
Lastly, an archive view of the real Piccadilly Circus features an LT class AEC Renown, which would date the photograph as at least ten years older than the era depicted in 'Jericho':
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