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Journeyman (NBC science fiction series, 2007)
Time-travelling tale set in San Francisco. The pilot sees a man traveliing on a GM RTS in 1997 - fleetnumber outside is 3217, inside it's 2302; after getting off he's knocked down by an RTS ( 3217 again) There's a GM Fishbowl in the background.
The same character had already tried to kill himself in 1987 by being hit by a green PCC car, MUNI 1051, in a livery from the 1960s This is an interesting anachronism, since 1051 was built in 1948, but was in use in Philadelphia till 1992, so it wouldn't have been in San Francisco in 1987. Moreover the route it's on didn't start until 1995! I believe that's 1060 behind it, a 1947 car in the silver and blue livery of Philadelphia Rapid Transit from 1938.
There's a glimpse of a GM fishbowl in a white/maroon livery, fleet number 3259:

San Francisco cable cars also appear, including 14, 51 and 53:


Episode 2 features a trip on San Francisco cable car 50.
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