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Juliet Bravo (BBC police drama series, 1980-5)
Set in the fictional Lancashire town of Hartley, but filmed in various locations.
"I remember a Rossendale Leyland Leopard, and possibly Burnley and Pendle vehicles." (thanks Ewood Eddie)
Episode 1.6:
Episode about a nine year old delinquent sees him catching two different buses at different times: Black YVA143J, a 1970 AEC Reliance/Plaxton Derwent II seen with a fictional '24 Hartley' destination, was new to Scottish operator Hutchison of Overtown:
He also rides Rossendale 20 (VTD720T), an East Lancs bodied Leyland Atlantean:
Passing at the distant end of the street, this appears to be another Atlantean, but it's with Blackburn:
....and there's also a television appearance by a Plaxton Panorama bodied coach:
Episode 1.7: Coming Back
Another appearance by YVA143J:
Episode 1.11: Expectations
An early scene has Blackburn buses as a backdrop, including this Leyland Atlantean;
Albeit blurred, a Hyndburn Atlantean is glimpsed in passing:
......followed by a Plaxton-bodied coach:
There's also a Bedford VAL/Plaxton:
Episode 1.13: Family Unit
A passenger is seen leaving Rossendale 1 (WTJ901l), a short Leyland Leopard PSU4/East Lancs:
Episode 2.8: Aunt Sally
A distant view of a Leyland-National:
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