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Keen Eddie (Fox crime series, 2003)
Tricksy American show set in London; that inevitably means some Transatlantic terminology creeps in and it's very much an American tourist's view of the city. Great fun, though.
Episode 1.1 (pilot)
In the pilot the eponymous (look it up!) hero is almost run down (while blindfolded and standing in the middle of the road) by Sullivan Buses AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1069 (69CLT).
Two unidentified First London Routemasters are seen briefly later in the episode.
Episode: 1.2 Horse Heir:
As the villains get out of their car outside a London pub a Routemaster passes - probably RM1069 again?
Episode 1.4: Eddie Loves Baseball
A distant AEC Routemaster passes with 'Yank Go Home' graffiti.
Episode 1.6: The Amazing Larry Dunn
Larry Dunn himself is passed by Sullivan Buses DT4 (G504VYE), a 1990 Dennis Dart/Duple Dartline:
Episode 1.10: Who Wants to be in a Club That Would Have Me as a Member
A teenage boy (played by young star Nicholas Hoult) is almost hit by RM1069 while strapped in a chair and suspended from a bridge. The bus carries registration KVS399.
Filming for this episode was interrupted when Hoult was hit by the bus, that was supposed to stop short of him. (thanks Carlos Wallberg)
Dean Sullivan confirms that the bus in the accident was Sullivan Buses RM1069, "The bus was slightly damaged during filming when the stunt driver misjudged the vehicle."
Episode 1.13: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite
Slightly contrived subplot involving a red bus paradoxically is a reason to feature Arriva London's RM6 (VLT6) in GOLD livery for the Queen's Golden Jubilee (thank you to Denise Annells for the spot):
...but the red bus at the end of the episode is Sullivan Buses AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1069 (69CLT), again carrying registration KVS399
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