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Last of the Summer Wine (BBC comedy show, 1973-2010)
Included a former Lincolnshire Bristol LH/Eastern Coachworks (thanks Graeme Selway) - this may be TCL141R in blue/white/orange livery, which originated with Eastern Counties. (information posted by Grahame Bessey at uk-bus-fleetnews discussion group)
Andy Richards notes: "Other regulars over the years were a Leyland Leopard PSU4/Plaxton Derwent and more recently a Dennis Lance/Plaxton Verde."

Episode 1.1: Short Back and Palais Glide
Blamire (Michael Bates), Clegg (Peter Sallis) and Compo (Bill Owen) are waiting for a bus. Clegg pulls Compo's hat over his eyes; the bus arrives, picks the others up and drives off before Compo can board.
He chases it down the road; you only see the offside and rear. It's Huddersfield JOC 25, a Leyland Leopard PSU4/2R/Neepsend (KVH25E). Thanks to Ian Hardie

Episode 1.4: Spring Fever
Blamire and Clegg watch from concealment as Compo dressed in a new hat and suit meets Huddersfield JOC 25, a Leyland Leopard PSU4/2R/Neepsend (KVH25E) in a bus station. In a later scene he waits for the same bus in the bus station to meet his new housekeeper.

Episode 2.1: Forked Lightning
The trio fail to board West Yorkshire PTE 4161 (RVH461N), a Roe-bodied Daimler Fleetline:
Episode 3.1: The Man from Oswestry
"Clegg and Compo go to meet Foggy off the bus at the bus station. Leyland Fleetline/Roe 7013 (MNW13P) drives past as they wait showing '14 Huddersfield':
The same vehicle appears from the other direction, this is crew operated and Foggyand his luggage are thrown off (exterior and interior shots) the bus is in West Yorkshire PTE cream and green livery."
(thanks Ian Hardie)
Episode 3.6: Going to Gordon's Wedding
Transport for the guests is provided by a yellow Ford Transit minibus.

Episode 4.8: The Bandit From Stoke-On-Trent
After a scene in a waiting room, Compo and Foggy board West Yorkshire PTE 7062 (RWU62R), a Leyland Fleetline/Roe, on service 14 followed a few seconds later by Clegg:

Episode 5.9: Whoops
"In the early days of the show (you know, when it was funny) in one episode we saw preserved Huddersfield Daimler CWA6/Duple CCX777." (thanks Paul Williams)     Dave Jessop picked this up: "CCX777 appeared in the 1981 Christmas Special, which was screened between Series 5 (1979) and Series 6 (1982). In this episode our heroes (Compo, Clegg and Foggy) are trying to re-create their youth by doing things that they used to do when they were young. The bus appears in two scenes, firstly when they attempt to jump off a moving bus, as one of the things that they used to do when they were young,"
      "..and also in the final scene when they catch the bus home from the pub, again ending up in a heap on the floor after trying to jump off before it stopped."     
      Dave adds "The good news is that the bus is still going strong, and now living amongst a collection of preserved buses housed near Taunton in Somerset.....Unfortunately, as you can see, it is currently in London Transport livery (with London-ish destination settings), as was required for a recent film appearance." He provided this 2009 photograph from the Minehead Running days, during which he drove the bus from Minehead to Taunton:

"It has a few quirks, as you'd expect for a vehicle that is over 60 years old, but generally behaved very well."

Episode 9.4: The Really Masculine Purse
"Clegg, Compo and Seymour join a bus queue who are all distracted by Compo's squeaking boots that he's borrowed from Wally to try out Seymour's latest invention. The bus pulls up and there is a mad scramble to get on board. The bus pulls away and then stops and the trio are ejected by the bus conductor through the centre doors. The vehicle is West Yorkshire PTE Roe bodied dual-door Daimler Fleetline 8149 (GVH149L) in PTE livery with Metro fleet names." (thanks Ian Hardie)

Episode 10.4: That Certain Smile
"Clegg, Compo and Seymour sit talking on the upper deck of a bus - interior shots only. In the last scene a Yorkshire Rider double decker (Atlantean?) in Rider cream and green stops to pick up Clegg, Compo, Seymour and Smiler's dog. It moves off; the dog barks; the bus stops and everybody apart from the three heroes and the dog gets off." (thanks Ian Hardie)

Episode 11.1: Come Back Jack Harry Teesdale
Howard and Marina are having one of their secret meetings in a bus shelter when the bus stops. The driver asks if they are getting on then drives off. The bus is 5170 (F170XYG) a Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympian of Yorkshire Rider Huddersfield.

Episode 11.3: Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice
"Clegg, Compo and Seymour are on top of a large round bale of straw looking for a rat when a K-Line coach-seated MCW Metrorider stops and the Japanese tourists on board get out and start taking pictures of this strange local custom." (thanks Ian Hardie)
Episode 11.6: Getting Barry Higher In The World
      Howard and Marina are out on a secret bike ride when Seymour coerces them into helping the trio try to get a kite airborne. Howard's brakes fail and he shoots on to the road just behind a Yorkshire Rider Northern Counties bodied Olympian. He undertakes the bus hotly pursued by Marina then he sees his wife Pearl on the bus and starts to pedal even faster:
Episode 12.1: Return of the Warrior
Peter Hadfield observes "Leyland Atlantean 6314 and single decker 1455 operated by Yorkshire Rider and based at Huddersfield, appeared in an episode filmed in 1990 called 'Return of the Warrior' together with an unidentifiable Daimler Fleetline and Leyland Olympian operated by the same company. 6314 is shown on a few occasions in the episode including where Clegg and Compo are sitting on the bus and Foggy rolls past on mobile scaffolding. Foggy is then seen clinging from an upstairs side window on the Olympian. Seymour is seen boarding 1455 as he leaves the series and Foggy is shown arriving on the same bus a few minutes later.
As you have stated already 6299 appears in a few episodes, and is easily identified as it was the only bus operated by the company to be painted in the red colours previously used by Huddersfield Corporation. It is now preserved, having had a great deal of renovation work carried out, including a new roof being fitted. It is now repainted in its original colouring having been repainted in the green colours of First Huddersfield during the latter years of its life in service."

Episode 12.10: A Landlady for Smiler
A green/cream Yorkshire Rider double decker is seen from a distance driving down a country lane. The scene cuts to Clegg, Compo and Foggy on the upper deck.
Episode 12.11: Barry's Christmas
"Foggy travels on the upper deck of an unidentified bus boring the only other passenger with his Christmas present. Interior shots only." (thanks Ian Hardie)

Episode 13.3: Was That Nora Batty Singing?
"Edie Pegden makes her husband Wesley go shopping with her to Huddersfield by bus so he will not tinker with the car. The bus breaks down and Wesley goes to work on the engine while Edie fumes on the bottom deck:
Nora Batty and Smiler wait at a bus stop. Clegg, Compo and Foggy decide to follow. The bus pulls up and Nora and Smiler get on:
In the next scene Howard and Marina are cycling down the road when the bus passes they lean their bikes against a wall and hide in the park. Clegg, Compo and Foggy take the bikes to chase the bus. The next scene shows Nora and Smiler getting off the bus and it driving away:
The bus is Yorkshire Rider Leyland Atlantean 6299 (PUA299W) in Huddersfield Corporation livery. An unidentified Yorkshire Rider Olympian appears in the background of a couple of scenes"
(thanks Ian Hardie and Andy Richards)

Episode 14.1: By the Magnificent Thighs of Ernie Burniston
Apparently two appearances by the same doubldecker. Firstly Foggy fails to board - maybe the roof of the bus shelter wasn't the best place to wait:
"Yorkshire Rider 5222 (G622OWR), a Leyland Olympian/Alexander on route 311 picks up Clegg and Foggy (who are carrying Compo) at a bus stop. They place Compo on his back in the luggage rack." (thanks Ian Hardie)
Episode 16.3: Adopted by a Stray
"Clegg, Compo and Foggy board a bus at the last minute to get away from Mrs Broadbent. Clegg sits down with a smile on his face only to realise he is sitting beside Mrs Broadbent. Interior and exterior shots of Yorkshire Rider Leyland Atlantean 6299 (PUA299W) in Huddersfield Corporation livery" (thanks Ian Hardie)
Episode 16.4: Defeat of the Stoneworm
Another cameo role for Yorkshire Rider Leyland Atlantean 6299 (PUA299W) in Huddersfield Corporation livery:
Episode 16.7: The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire
"Foggy tries to hypnotise a stranger but it backfires. Mercedes minicoach 6499HX of Red Arrow Coaches with a nearside wheelchair lift pulls up. He is ordered on and driven to an anti motorway protest. Mostly nearside views but one shot of the inside." (thanks Ian Hardie)
Episode 17.3: Glamour of the Uniform
"Pearl, riding on a bus, sees Howard dressed as a Foreign Legion soldier talking to Clegg, Compo and Foggy. She jumps up, rings the bell and gets off - by which time they have disappeared. Both exterior and interior shots of Yorkshire rider 4034 (M434VWW), a Dennis Lance with Plaxton Verde body on route 310 with Rider Huddersfield fleetnames and the Badger symbol." (thanks Ian Hardie and Andy Richards)

Episode 18.9: Destiny and Six Bananas
Foggy alights from a bus dressed as a white hunter with a blow pipe much to the amazement of people waiting to board. Ian Hardie reports the bus as a Volvo B10M/Plaxton of Yorkshire Rider with First window motif and Kingfisher Huddersfield fleetnames showing Huddersfield as its destination.

Episode 20.9 The Phantom Number 14 Bus
Ian Hardie notes the story revolves around a man looking for the Phantom Number 14 Bus. The bus doesn't appear, but Wesley is seen driving a bare chassis.

Episode 22:3 The Missing Bus of Mrs. Avery
Features a tour in a minibus - more information needed>

Episode 23.5: Beware of the Hotdog
Features First Huddersfield 7616 (B244 WUL), an MCW Metrobus/MCW new as London Transport M1244. (thanks Graeme Selway)

Episode: Getting Sam Home (1983 special)
Features Bedford VAS/Duple Midland PMM391E converted to a (painted pink) fish and chip van; at one point Peter Sallis takes the wheel:
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