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Law and Order: UK (ITV police drama, 2009-)
The original 'Law and Order' transposed into a London setting with an unexpected and unexpectedly good cast. Harriet Walter heads up a detective team including Coronation Street's Bradley Walsh and Batllestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber, with Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman on the legal team. Some of the scripting is irritatingly transatlantic, but the format works well. It is astonishing however that it's episode 6 before we sight a London bus! This night scene involving a Dennis Trident and ADL Enviro 400 passing is somewhat murky:
However East London Dennis Trident /Alexander 17760 (LX03BUJ) is clearly seen, followed by a similar London United Trident.
More night footage features another Trident and a First London Enviro 400:
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