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Life on Mars (BBC policetime travelfantasy drama, 2006-7)
Episode 1.1
Time travelling police drama not only is hugely entertaining but also features large numbers of vehicles from 1973 and earler. One such is a SELNEC PTE double decker, EX1 (PNF941J), a 1971 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Northern Counties bodywork, preserved by the SELNEC Preservation Society, seen passing in a street scene (thanks Bob Wingrove)
There's also a glimpse in Episode 1.3......
Episode 1.8
An odd appearance by another SELNEC vehicle, a Leyland Titan PD2 - in a photograph, which has unfortunately been printed wrong way round:
Episode 2.1
Opening episode of season 2 has another appearance by EX1 (PNF941J)
This time we see the interior, since a murder has been committed on the upper deck:.
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