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Life on Mars (USA) (ABC policetime travelfantasy drama, 2008-9)

Maybe this is what's meant by 'car crash television'. The American interpretation of the hugely successful UK series suffered a number of indignities
in its progress onto the small screen: affected by the timing of a writers' strike, the pilot was thought so poor it was reshot with an almost completely new cast and reset in a new city; the writers also sought the creators' permission to rework the storyline.

The first pilot, which retained the recognisable bare bones of the original script but threw out everything else and therefore completely missed the point, appears to feature two GM New Look 'Fishbowls'. The first appears in long shot as Sam wakes up in 1972:
In the first real street scene, two Fishbowls are seen, this one.....
....and I believe this is the one already seen:
I don't believe it's the actors' fault that this unaired pilot was so bad, by the way.

Episode 1.01: Out Here in the Fields
The second pilot was shot in New York, and features just one Fishbowl:
Episode 1.06: Tuesday's Dead
A siege at a New York hospital; the hostage takers demand a bus to take them and the hostages away. This Fishbowl arrives:
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