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Little Platform, Big Stage (BBC documentary, 2008)
The BBC marked the ending of regular Routemaster operation in London with 'Bus Night' - an evening of programmes devoted to buses. Centrepiece of the evening was Zimena Percival's wonderful look at the lives of some of London's bus conductors, combining storytelling, archive footage and dramatisation.
Of course other buses besides Routemasters appear, for example XA12 (CUV12C), a 1965 Leyland Atlantean/Park Royal, one of London's first one person operated buses.....
...also two different Red Arrow AEC Merlins (one bodied by Strachan, the other by Metro-Cammell) at Victoria Bus Station....
....but the star of the show is RM9 (VLT9), seen travelling London's streets.
I don't know of another show that includes the bus in the credits.....
I believe I identified the following buses during the show: RM9 (VLT9)
RM329 (WLT329)
RM403 (WLT403)
RM1064 (64CLT)
RM1192 (192CLT)
RM1246 (246CLT)
RM1279 (279CLT)
RM1571 (571CLT)
RM1627 (627DYE) (in a clip from 'Sykes and a Following')
RM1723? (723DYE)
RM1846 (846DYE)
RM2019 (ALM19B)
RML2394 (JJD394D)
XA12 (CUV12C)
RT1378 (KXW477)
RT1480 (KGK739)
RT1768? (KYY606)
RT2275? (LYR709) (in the Cadburys Double Decker advert)
The unidentified RT in Spike Milligan's 'Q'
RTL358 (KGU434) (in a clip from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em)
RTL1602 (OLD831)
All corrections and additions welcomed!
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