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London Kills (BBC crime series, 2019- )
Makes use of stock shots, with the result that this Go Ahead Blue Triangle Wright 'Borismaster' NBFL appears on route 15 in the same view in all five episodes in season 1:
...while this Stagecoach London Alexander bodied Volvo B5LH on route 47 only appears in episodes 3 and 5:

Episode 1.01:
Artistic view of an out of focus Metroline Volvo B5LH/Wright and a reflected Wright NBFL:
A London General ADL Enviro 400H hybrid on route 87 follows a Wright NBFL on route 3. Need an ID for the coach:
CT Plus 2512 (SN15OJB), an ADL Enviro 400H City on route 26:
A Wright NBFL on route 8 overshadowed by The Gherkin:

Episode 1.02:
More Borismasters, on route 159 and 38:

Episode 1.03:
A Metrobus Scania Omnicity on route D8:
Episode 1.04:
The classic London buses crossing a bridge view - this time with Borismasters:
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