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Magnum PI (Universal private eye series, 1980-8)
Episode: 3.06: Black on White
Opens with scenes set in London, but unsurprisingly shot in Hawaii. An AEC Regent III/Weymann lowbridger from London Transport's RLH class passes the camera. Four were exported to Hawaii (RLH26, RLH33, RLH36 and RLH47), but this one is not identifiable:

Episode: 3.22: Faith and Begorrah
American TV has made some strange attempts at representing Britain and Ireland, and this is possibly the most bizarre. The episode opens with a party of tourists visiting a tiny church in Armagh, Northern Ireland. However, the hills in the background are a bit pointy for Ireland, and the bus is 140HUO, a former Western National Bristol Lodekka FLF with the fleetname 'Windsor Tours', but actually owned by Windjammer Tours of Hawaii!
(thanks to Noel Baxendale for this sighting)

Episode: 6.1 and 6.2 Deja Vu
A double episode first aired in 1986 that brings Higgins (John Hillerman) and Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) to England inevitably has views of London buses! The Routemasters, one distant, the other (WLTxxx) parked outside Marylebone railway station, are to be expected:
Less so is the DMS-class Daimler Fleetline that obstructs Magnum as he chases a man through the Covent Garden area; there is even a glimpse of the London Transport Museum as it was then.....
And quite unexpected is the T-class Leyland Titan crossing Tower Bridge:
The episode is also worth catching for the sight of Higgins driving a Reliant Rialto three wheeler.
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