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Man in a Suitcase (ITC private eye series, 1967-8)
Gritty and underrated 1960s show starring Richard Bradford as an American private eye based in London. Many episodes are set in London and include passing glimpses of London Transport RT family and Routemaster buses, often not clearly seen.
Episodes 1, 8, 9 and 11:
Episodes 14 and 15
Episode 17:
Episode 21 and 24:
Less usual sightings include this ATAC Fiat 410 in Rome, in episode 5:
In episode 7, a BEA AEC RF is followed at a distance by a BOAC Leyland Atlantean near Heathrow Airport; in episode 13, another is glimpsed at Heathrow with a BOAC AEC Routemaster; two more are seen in episode 29:
Also unexpectedly glimpsed through a doorway, again apparently at Heathrow, is one of the Harrington bodied AEC Reliances of Jack Crump, also known as Denham Coaches:
Episode 28 has this glimpsed Duple bodied Bedford SB or Commer Avenger:
The only bus individually identifiable is ex London Transport RTL1050 (LLU992) in episode 6, noted on Flickr by Alan Farrow:
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