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"Miss Marple" (BBC crime drama, 1984-92)

Probably the best Miss Marple was Joan Hickson, as seen here:

Episode: At Bertram's Hotel
Bob Wingrove supplied this screen capture of a dimly seen Leyland Cub with Park Royal 'deck and a half' body - this is preserved CLX548, new to London Transport in 1936 as C111. It was one of a batch of eight 'Interstation' buses that ran the night-time service between the major London Railway termini. The service called for significant luggage capacity, and these odd 18-seat coaches buses had large luggage compartments at the rear with seating above.
Bob also reports a glimpse of a Midland Red bus as Jane Marple looks out of a train window, confirmed by Pete Baggett as a BMMO D7
Episode: Sleeping Murder
Features a visit to Afflick's Coaches otherwise known as Daffodil Coaches. The proprietor, Jackie Afflick, is played by Kenneth Cope, once of 'Randall and Hopkirk' fame, and more recently a star of 'Brookside'.
Keith Baynton comments: "the vehicles in Kenneth Cope's Daffodil Coaches 'fleet' are preserved Bournemouth Leyland Tiger/Burlingham 46 (JLJ403), Tiger Cub/Park Royal 264 (RRU901) and ex-Hants and Dorset Bristol L6G Recovery Truck (heavily rebuilt) BOW162. I do not recall the AEC Tower Wagon VH6217 taking part. I believe the location of the scene was Lyme Regis, the premises being especially painted in Bournemouth Corporation yellow. The site is understood to have been long demolished." I believed I glimpsed AEC Regent tower wagon VH6217 (fleet number 12), but Keith can't confirm that, so I may well have been mistaken. Jackie Afflick also drives a bright yellow car!
Bob Wingrove provided these screen captures:
Episode: Nemesis
Miss Marple takes a coach tour on the distinctive dorsal-finned Scarlet Coaches 1950 Leyland Comet CPP1/Harrington MYA590. Bob Wingrove observes the coach "was painted in a blue/cream livery for the film work, as apparently the BBC liked the look of the coach but thought that the red livery looked too much like a London bus.". The (fictional) fleetname is 'Historic Homes and Gardens', and there are a number of interior and exterior shots:
As the coach arrives at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, two other vehicles are already parked in front of the house: London Transport Green Line T792 (HLX462), a 1948 Mann Egerton bodied AEC Regal III, and GOU732, a 1949 Tilling Stevens K6LA7/Scottish Aviation in cream/orange livery:
(screen captures by Bob Wingrove)

Episode: The Body in The Library
A dark green Bedford OB/Duple is seen at the very beginning, and glimpsed again part way through. This is HAA874 owned by River Valley Coaches of Sutton Valence reported by Adam Floyd. Bob Wingrove supplied this screen capture:

Episode: A Pocket Full of Rye
Bedford OB/Duple HAA874 also appears in this story in a night shot (screen capture by Bob Wingrove):
Episode: Murder at the Vicarage
A brief view of a singledecker of Fuggles of Benenden, Kent. Bob Wingrove's screen captures confirm this as preserved NKO953, a 1951 Albion Victor FT39N/Duple:
Episode: 4.50 From Paddington
Features a passing London Transport RT190 (HLW177)....:
....also another appearance by NKO953, the Albion Victor FT39N/Duple of Fuggles of Benenden. Geographically a little odd, perhaps:
(screen captures by Bob Wingrove)

Episode: They Do It With Mirrors
Indeed they do, but although an RT or RTL passes the Savoy Hotel in London as Miss Marple arrives early in the drama, a reflective window shows what looks suspiciously like a London Transport MCW Metrobus/MCW, while a modern London cab passes in the foreground. It appears that not all of the street was closed off for this scene to be shot:
(screen captures by Bob Wingrove)

Episode: A Murder is Announced
Bob Wingrove's screen captures show a Bedford OB/Duple identified by Terry Jones as former Western National HOD76, at the time owned by Pearce Darch & Willcox, Dorset:
Episode: A Caribbean Mystery
Filmed in Barbados; Bob Wingrove captured this unknown bus!
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