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McCloud (NBC police drama, 1970-7)

Dennis Weaver plays a Marshal from Taos, New Mexico, who takes a temporary assignment in the New York City Police. This fish-out-of-water scenario allows him to wear a cowboy hat and ride a horse in New York.......

Pilot - Portrait of a Dead Girl:

Glimpse of a passing New York City Transit GM Fishbowl:

Episode 1.01 Man from Taos:

Another New York City Transit GM Fishbowl with batwing advertising boards:
More of this sequence was seen in the opening credits of later episodes:

Episode 1.03 Murder Arena:

New York street scene with four Fishbowls:

Episode 2.01 Encounter With Aries:

....and another:
Episode 2.03 Somebody's Out to Get Jennie:
Seeking an id for this small bus:
Episode 2.04 The Disposal Man:
An airport scene features a partly seen Pan Am bus:
Episode 2.07 Give My Regrets to Broadway:
Oh look! It's that stock footage of New York Fishbowls again:

Episode 3.02 The Barefoot Stewardess Caper:

An episode set in London uses stock footage, firstly of Heathrow Airport, with a Bedford SB/Duple Bella Vega in foreground, and a BOAC-liveried Leyland Atlantean in the distance:
A foreign Van Hool coach approaches and passes the statue of King Charles next to Trafalgar Square, followed by a London Transport AEC Routemaster. The Duple bodied coach in bcground is unidentifiable:
The real action however was filmed in the USA; the 'London' bus is a red Leyland Titan. Fleet number is 38, but the registration plate is VUF34 - which was originally applied to a 1939 Brighton Corporation trolleybus. I'm open to suggestion on the identity of this bus:

Episode 3.04 Showdown at the End of the World:

A classic New York City Transit GM Fishbowl with bat wing roof advertising passes in background:

Episode 4.02 The Solid Gold Swingers:

More New York City Transit Fishbowls:
McCloud commandeers New York City Surface Transit 3507, another GM Fishbowl, model TDH-5303:
Episode 4.03 Cowboy in Paradise:
A Mercedes tour bus at a police convention in Hawaii:
Episode 5.03 Shivaree on Delancy Street:
Unidentified Fishbowl:
Episode 5.07 Lady on the Run:
Shot in Mexico City, with glimpses of a number of buses:
This however is New York's LaGuardia Airport, with two GM Fishbowls:
Episode 6.02 Showdown at Times Square:
Reuse of the footage of a Pan Am bus from episode 2.04:
Episode 6.07 Night of the Shark:
Shot in Sydney, Australia.
An AEC Regent III in an allover advertising livery takes part in a street parade:
Two AEC Regal IVs:
A whole traffic jam of buses - an AEC Regal IV and Leyland Atlantean at the front,with a Leyland Leopard and a second Atlantean behind, while a second Regal IV crosses in the background:
More Leopards and a Regal IV:
Various buses led by an Atlantean:
AEC Regal IV:
...and a Leyland Leopard:

Episode 7.05 London Bridges:

Set in London, and using a mix of stock footage and US shot scenes.
The stock footage includes London Transport AEC RTs and Routemasters:
The US footage features this Leyland Titan, presumably the same bus used in episode 3.02. It appears several times:

Also see The Return of Sam McCloud

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