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Millennium (Fox scifi series, 1996-9)
Grim turn-of the-millennium show from the team behind 'The X-Files':
Episode 2.07: 19:19:
A school bus is craned out of a ditch; in flashback we learn how it was hijacked and the children taken away in a van.
Episode 2.13: The Mikado:
Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) follows a GM 'Fishbowl' in his car:

Episode 3.04: Closure:
Two men hijack a GM 'Fishbowl' New Look transit bus in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It's liveried in dark blue and silver with an FRT logo, it's on service 252 to Inglewood. Fleet number outside is 8, inside 85. During the action all the windows are shot out.
Earlier in the same episode is a brief flash of a red double decker, probably a Bristol VRT, but you don't see much!

Episode 3.07: Through a Glass Darkly: A convicted sex offender returns home by bus. The fleetname is 'Oregon Trail Coachlines', fleet number 745, and it's probably an MCI, but again you don't see much:
(screen captures thanks to Grant Morton)
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