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Mr Bean (ITV comedy series, 1990-5)
Overrated visual comedy starring Rowan Atkinson.
Episode: The Trouble with Mr Bean
Bean is late for an appointment with his dentist, and gets dressed while driving his trademark Mini. Keith Dumbrell notes a passing London Buses MCW Metrobus:
Episode: Tee Off, Mr Bean
London and Country 277 (BVP813V) plays a part in this only slightly funner than toothache episode. It's a Leyland National 2 new to Midland Red.
"Leyland National BVP813V appeared in 'Mr Bean' back in 1995. Mr Bean was playing crazy golf, and hit the golf ball out of the park, and went on playing all round town, and also travelled on the bus, while still playing golf!!. The bus's blinds were showing 405 to West Croydon which is a real route. The bus was in London Country green at the time." (thanks Paul Jones)
Episode: The Bus Stop
Rowan Atkinson's unlikeable creation failing to board first a Gold Arrow liveried Wright-bodied Dennis Dart.....
.....then a late model AEC Routemaster RML:
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