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NYPD Blue (Fox police series, 1993-2005)
The majority of location shooting for NYPD Blue took place not in New York but in Los Angeles. Fred Young noted on Usenet: "On several of the episodes shot either in Downtown LA or on the back lot, there has been a bus dressed up as a MTA-New York City Transit bus, intended strictly for background. The part that makes it a blooper is that it is a 35-foot GMC RTS-03 (with the slanted back, though they had moved the air-conditioning unit to the back, so it looks like an RTS-04). NYC has never used RTS-03s, and I can't recall them using 35-foot buses, at least not in my lifetime. I think this bus is actually an ex-Long Beach Transit RTS, which was retired a few years ago. The worst thing is that it has the fleet number 7354. I'm not sure if such a number actually existed in NY recently, but if it had, that number would have been assigned to a 1974 or 1975 New Look Flxible!"
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