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Peak Practice (Yorkshire TV serial, 1993-2002)
"Various Trent buses have appeared in Peak Practice, including Leyland Tigers in Transpeak livery and Optare Solos" (thanks Sean Marshall)
"Peak Practice over the years has featured in passing several Stagecoach East Midland vehicles."(thanks Phil Groocock)

Episode 5.08 Running to Hide
Duncan Bingham recalls this episode "included several scenes of Leyland Nationals at a fictitious bus depot The filming took place at Trent's Belper depot. The episode was about a driver who had an accident against the background of a dubiously run company. Trent weren't happy about their buses being used in such a storyline so all their vehicles were moved out of the depot and various vehicles (mainly Nationals but including at least one Atlantean) used were from Camm, Nottingham, wearing their orange/cream livery but with 'Peaks Buses' fleetnames." Certainly three Leyland-Nationals were used, and presumably that's the Leyland Atlantean in the background:
"The bus involved in the accident was National RKA886T." Prior to running off the road it looks very smart. It was new as Merseyside PTE 1886:
Duncan Bingham asked: "Camms also had vehicles in service in Nottingham at one stage with the fleetname 'Bron Line', which I believe was also for a TV/film contract - does anybody know what this was for?" The answer can be found in Playing the Field
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