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Perpetual Motion (BBC documentary, 1992)

One programme in this strand looks at the AEC Routemaster.   "Features several RMs/RMLs, the most noteworthy being showbus RM14 (OYM 424A, previously VLT14) which is started up in the opening titles, and the underside of London General liveried RM89, for a mechanical run-through by Gary Thorogood of Stockwell Garage. An interview with George Watson, the man responsible for introducing the RM to the Scottish Bus Group, takes place on board RM1397 (OWJ 871A, previously 397CLT)." (thanks Steven Oliver). This was shown in 1992 (thanks Duncan Bingham) John Hammond notes a skimmed history of London Transport and some library footage were part of the Perpetual Motion documentary on the Routemaster.

The series also "featured a programme on the Blackpool trams built in the nineteen thirties by Walter Luff. Seventy years later the 'balloon' double deckers are still running!" (thanks Chris Hough). Malcolm Rennie adds: "There are colour views, both inside and out, of Glasgow's tram replacement buses, Alexander bodied Leyland Titans, with extended footage of L25 (FYS648). Also Ribble 545 (D545RCN), a Mercedes L608D with Reeve Burgess body showing destination 'F1 Fleetwood Circular' overtakes a single deck Blackpool tram in Fleetwood. There is black and white footage of London trams both in service and on fire in the scrap yard."

On viewing the programme looking at the AEC Routemaster, I believe I identified the following:
RM1 (SLT56)
RM14 (OYM424A)
RM89 (VLT89)
RM331 (WLT331)
RML894, 898 (WLT894/8)
RM1080, 1166, 1481, 1536 (80, 166, 481, 536CLT)
RM1740, 1851 (740, 851DYE)
RM2016, 2019, 2023, 2033 (ALM16/9,23,33B)
RML2361 (CUV361C)
RML2382, 2521, 2552 (JJD382,521/52D)
RML2710 (SMK710F)
RM1397 (OWJ871A with Stagecoach)
XA12 (CUV12C)
RTL931 (LLU921)
RT1378 (KXW477)
RT1881 (WLB991 - 'Summer Holiday'!)
M244, 292 (BYX244/92V)
M428, 479 (GYE428/79W)
London Pride 386 (TGX886M - ex DMS1886)
Ensign Bus 315
Grey Green 147 (G147TYT) Volvo B10M/Alexander
London and Country 674 (H674GPF) Volvo B10M/East Lancs
Also seen are a number of unidentified vehicles, most notably a Reading Transport Bristol VRTLL/Northern Counties awaiting scrapping, and this evocative view:
. Malcolm Rennie adds: "One of the last street scenes shows a side view of an Armstrong Galley MCW Metroliner in blue with yellow/orange/red stripes livery on their London-Newcastle nonstop service.
RML898 is shown in San Francisco being passed by a cable car on one of the city's steep hills. RM1740 is shown on the skid pan."
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