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Peter Kay's Car Share (BBC sitcom, 2015-7)

Endearing drama set around the relationship between John (Peter Kay) and his car share passenger Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) commuting to and from work in Manchester. There is much footage of people going about their business on the street, and there are occasional views of buses and trams. The comedy apart, this will be of great historical interest in decades to come.

Episode 1.01

Manchester Bombardier tram 3079 is seen in company with a local train:
First Manchester 37409 (MX58DXW) takes on passengers on route 8. It's a 2008 Volvo B9TL/Wright:
A Stagecoach Manchester ADL E400 in traffic:
A Finglands Volvo B9TL/Wright seen from the rear:

Episode 1.02

First Manchester 37376 (MX58DWF), another 2008 Volvo B9TL/Wright:
Two unidentified buses, one from Finglands followed by another from Go Goodwins:

Episode 1.04

A distant Finglands Dennis Dart/Plaxton:
Unknown bus with fleet number 2 leads First Manchester 39217 (BN61MWV, Volvo B5L/Wright) and a Stagecoach ADL E400:
Tram 3044:
First Manchester 33705 (SN12AHO), an ADL E40D
Episode 1.05
Unidentified First Manchester singledecker with Wright body:
An Optare Tempo of South Lancs Travel:

Episode 1.06

Stagecoach Manchester 19222 (MX08GJY), an ADL Enviro 400:

Episode 2.01

In the opening episode of season 2, Kayleigh catches the bus. The Stagecoach Manchester ADLs are not connected:

Not much of a view of this Arriva North West Volvo B5LH/Wright:

Tram 3062:

Stagecoach Manchester E400:

More trams, one of them 3086:

Episode 2.02

First Manchester 66860 (MX05CHY), a Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban:

Episode 2.03

Arriva North West 4494 (MX13AET), a Volvo B5LH/Wright:
Distant Go Goodwins Optare Solo:
Irreverently defaced Stagecoach Manchester Dennis Dart:
Finglands Plaxton bodied coach:
...and another StagecoachADL:

Episode 2.04

Finally, tram 3092:
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