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Playing the Field (BBC drama serial, 1998-2002)

Drama about a women's football team. One character becomes a bus driver; she trains on a Leyland-National, and later drives an Optare StarRider MCW Metrorider. (thanks Ewood Eddie)
Referring to the use of buses from Camm of Nottingham in the Peak Practice episode 'Running to Hide', Duncan Bingham asked: "Camms also had vehicles in service in Nottingham at one stage with the fleetname 'Bron Line', which I believe was also for a TV/film contract - does anybody know what this was for?" After some research I found the answer! The Leyland Atlantean is presumably that glimpsed in 'Running to Hide'.
The bus garage seen in this show appears also to be Trent's Belper garage used in 'Peak Practice', but seen from a different angle.

Episode 1.4 Optare City Pacer L611WCC in the livery of Mills Coaches provides team transport:
We also see this Toyota HB31R with Caetano body. We don't see a full registration plate, but there are three possibles, E627EJF, E766EJF or E767EJF.
Episode 2.2 Camm, Nottingham RKA886T, Leyland-National new as Merseyside PTE 1886, with 'Bron Line' fleetnames, is on driver training duty. This was seen in the Peak Practice episode 'Running to Hide' with 'Peak Bus' fleetnames.
Episode 2.4 Our hero now has her licence, and she's driving Camm, Nottingham M744LUC (a reregistration), Mercedes 811D/Optare StarRider with 'Bron Line' fleetnames.
Episode 2.5 A Leyland Atlantean is glimpsed at the bus garage behind a StarRider:
A second Camm, Nottingham StarRider, MIL8325(?) (a reregistration) with 'Bron Line' fleetnames:
Brief scenes at the garage include this Plaxton Elite bodied coach:
Episode 2.6 A Nottingham style Leyland Atlantean in Camm livery passes the garage:
..and a StarRider passes in the other direction:
Another Atlantean inside the garage in Camm livery:
Leyland-National and Atlanteans in Camm livery, one appears to be still in Nottingham colours:
LUG98P, a Leyland Atlantean/Roe new to West Yorkshire PTE.
Episode 3.02 Another StarRider, in the livery of Goldstar Travel, Nottingham - PIB5764?
Episode 3.06 Is this RKA886T again?
Reflected London Transport AEC Routemaster
National Express Volvo B10M/Plaxton (fleet number 6184?)
Camm ex Nottingham Leyland Atlantean.
Unclear whether this is the same National Express coach as earlier:
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