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Pop Britannia (BBC documentary series, 2008)
Malcolm Rennie observes "In part 2, for no apparent reason Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles, is shown standing on the platform and then getting off Birmingham Corporation 3064 (MOF64) a Metro Cammell bodied Guy Arab. Filmed from behind, a round Corporation bus stop flag is also clearly visible."

In part 3 "there were two views looking down from some high ground onto a large Sheffield bus station full of South Yorkshire Transport Dennis Dominators in brown and cream livery. There was also a single decker in the same colours, only the rear half was visible, which was rounder than an Alexander Y type, possibly ex Doncaster or one of the many independents taken over by South Yorkshire. Another view was of a South Yorkshire Transport brown and cream Leyland Atlantean with Alexander peaked dome body. It was displaying a political between decks poster: 'Sheffield Against Rate Capping for the Right Reasons'."
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