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Prospects (Euston Films - Channel 4 comedy drama, 1986)

Comedy drama about two likely lads trying to scratch a living in London's Docklands at the start of regeneration of this partly derelict area. It's no surprise that it was made by 'The Sweeney's Euston Films; excellent use is made of its Isle of Dogs locations. Less dated, more a historical document, because East London doesn't look like that any more.

Episode 1: The P to S Day

The opening credits (repeated in each episode) feature a terrific but distant view of a London Transport LS class Leyland_National at speed on the Isle of Dogs route 56, followed a view of two T class Leyland Titans passing eachother on the same route, which at the time was shared between Ts and LSs:

In this episode, a second scene has two Titans passing eachother, another lone Titan, then we see the rear of T410 (KYX410X) a Titan new in 1982:

There's also a glimpse of this rather tired looking Morris:

Episode 2: Partners in Brine

The distinctive rear of another T class Leyland Titan:

Open to offers on this yellow midibus, possibly a Dodge?

Episode 6: Standing on Your Own One Foot

For variety, the first of three M class Metrobuses overtakes this Commer van:

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