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The Quest (Yorkshire TV, 2001)
Trams and buses featured in this TV film, which was directed by and starred David Jason:

Blackpool Tram 660 (new 1952 and in authentic external condition)

Blackpool Tram 700 (new 1934 and in authentic external condition for late 50s)

Blackpool Illuminated Tram 735 (new 1963 and running down Blundell Street!)

Lytham Leyland Lion 34 (1934-1957 - and in pre-war livery)

Blackpool Leyland Titan PD3A/1 512 (HFR512E, new 1967 but 'disguised' with registration plate DFV146 - a plate actually made up for preserved PD2 246.

Alexanders Leyland Tiger PS1/Alexander PA184 (CWG286) (new 1949 but in the Lake District)

Blackpool Transport supplied the trams and the Leyland Lion. Lancastrian Transport Trust supplied the PD3A. Cumbria Classic Coaches supplied the Tiger.

"It was supposed to be set in 1959 and the production team were promised an authentic bus. As there are no Blackpool buses of that period restored we were approached at the eleventh hour and provided 512, though we had to stick an older registration on it. We chose DFV146 (the registration of our unrestored PD2) as we had a plate made up for that last year. Incidentally it was 'vital' that everything should be authentic. However this fails to explain filming a 1965 vintage Illuminated tram outside a hotel on Blundell Street (where it would never have operated) and the use of Blackpool's Leyland Lion in its pre-war guise! The most bizarre piece had to be the Hovertram running down Blundell Street. This is the emergency depot access track which has hardly been used since the 60s. I saw them filming that scene and it was amusing to here the crew call for no flash photography and then the tram moved along the old, dirty track flashing and arcing like there was no tomorrow (a couple of flashes made it on screen)." (thanks Paul Turner)

Les Simpson enquires "What was the RT that you only saw a rear wheel of?"
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