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The Risk Business (BBC documentary series 1980-1)
Martin Curtis in his book 'Bristol Buses in Camera' describes how the first two Bristol/Leyland B45 prototypes, both bodied by Eastern Coachworks, made their first public appearance in an edition of 'The Risk Business' in May 1980 examining the double deck bus building industry. The first resembled a modified Bristol VRT, the second went on to enter the Ribble fleet numbered 2100 (DBV100W). The production B45 was named the Olympian.

A 1982 programme in this series was subtitled 'Battle of The Titans' and discussed which bus would be used by London Transport to replace the Routemaster. It featured the then-new Leyland Titan B15, the MCW Metrobus and the Dennis Dominator. (thanks Trev)
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