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The Rockford Files (NBC private eye series, 1974-80)
Episode 1.1: Backlash of the Hunter
The pilot reportedly features a bus of Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines

Episode 1.10: In Pursuit of Carol Thorne (from season 1)
Opens with a woman being released from prison and catching a bus, a GMC PD-4107 Buffalo with 'Westway' fleetnames:
Jim Rockford (James Garner) is following her, in an improbable floppy hat:

Episode 4.1: Beamer's Last Case (from season 4)
Fred Beamer (James Whitmore Jnr) tries to chat up a girl on a bus (Carlene Watkins). The bus is a GMC Scenicruiser:

Episode 4.17: Dwarf in a Helium Hat (from season 4)
Jim Rockford is at the wheel of a stolen bus, from which he and his confederates escape by parking the bus in a narrow alley way, thus neatly blocking it.
A scene follows at a Trailways bus station - there's a Greyhound station across the road. Two buses are parked in the street, one a GMC PD-4107; neither has fleetnames:
Meantime a New Look 'Fishbowl' crosses the street:
Only one bus is seen inside the Trailways station:

Episode: Nice Guys Finish Dead (from season 6)
Rockford is following bus 5396, however footage of the interior shows the fleet number 5394 over the driver's head. The fleet number of the bus changes throughout the scene.
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