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The Royal (Yorkshire TV drama serial, 2003-)
Episode 1.7: Crash:
Spin off from 'Heartbeat' set in the 1960s had an episode screened in March 2003 featuring a coach crash, except that the coach was some twenty years too new!"The vehicle, on its nearside for the entire show, was a Plaxton Supreme registered XSY 934. This is obviously a re-registration and I don't know its identity yet, or even what chassis it had, there being no external badges except the Plaxtons castle logo on the grille. They had tried to make it look older by having a white-on-black front number plate but it didn't go with the Dennis F8 fire engine, Bedford J and CA ambulances, Ford Zephyr,etc." (thanks Mike Lloyd)
Episode 4.6: Duty Bound:
Chris Hough notes this featured former West Yorkshire Road Car Bristol MW5G/ECW dual purpose saloon EUG71 (TWT123) "with a faked blind which showed 7 Elsinby as it drove through Whitby, which masquerades as Elsinby in the programme"
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