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The Saint (ITC thriller series, 1962-9)
Before Roger Moore was James Bond he was the lean and handsome Simon Templar, alias The Saint in this long running series, set partly around London but also around the world, often using stock footage to establish the location.
Episode 1.01:
Slightly out of sync with the rest of the series, this featured Thames Valley 601 (FMO982), a 1951 Bristol KS6B with Eastern Coachworks lowbridge body and coach seating:
Episode 1.02:
This Fiat is seen in back projection:
Episode 1.04:
Set in Paris, and glimpsing several local buses. Open to offers on the first, but the other two are Chausson APU53:
Episode 1.05:
An Alitalia liveried Alfa Romeo 2 minibus pulls out alongside a Viberti Monotral CV24:
A Saurer trolleybus - the footage is also used in the Norman Wisdom movie 'Man of the Moment':
Episode 1.11:
Night footage of London: an unidentifiable AEC RT on route 13 is followed by RTL785 (KYY755) on route 3:
Episode 2.02:
Episode 2.03:
An episode set in Montreal has a glimpse of a Can Car TD-51:
Episode 2.08:
A Leyland RTL (KXXxxx) on route 88:
RT3101 (KXW210) on route 49 alongside Simon Templar's Volvo:
Episode 2.10:
Seeking an identification for this barely seen coach in London:
Also barely there is RT3702 (NLE809)
...and there's 4686RK, a Commer BF:
Episode 2.14:
A sequence involving an unidentified roofbox AEC RT (KYYxxx) on route 19 leading another on route 14 (LUCxxx), then a third on route 19:
Episode 2.16:
Episode set in Kuwait - various buses in this first view:
Chevrolet 6700
Episode 2.20:
We see only the roof of this Green Line RMC class AEC Routemaster:
A Karrier minibus:
Episode 2.22:
Two Leyland RTLs in convoy:
This one is identifiable as RTL823 (KYY793)
Episode 2.24:
These are possibly Fiats:
Episode 2.27:
Hamburg tram:
Episode 3.03:
Another Parisian Chausson APU53:
Episode 3.04:
Two London Transport RTLs pass at the top of the road:
Episode 3.13:
Unidentified trolleybus:
Episode 3.14:
A standard London Transport AEC Routemaster:
....and a Routemaster coach:
I believe this is RTW438 (LLU588),seen on route 46:
Episode 3.16:
Baden Baden tram:
Episode 4.04:
A London Transport RT in the background as the Saint's Volvo turns:
Episode 5.05
By season 5 the Saint was being filmed in colour. Here's a briefly seen Bedford SB/Duple Bella Vega:
These could also both be Bedfords:
Episode 5.11
In this London set scene we see a Duple bodied coach, probably a Bedford SB:
AEC RF one and a half deckers:
Three Berlin B├╝ssing D2U double deckers:
Two AEC Routemasters:
Episode 5.13
No identification for this RT family bus heading into Victoria Bus Station....
Episode 6.11
.....but this is AEC Routemaster RM528 (WLT528):
Episode 6.14
This AEC Routemaster is only seen from inside:
Episode 6.16
Extended footage outside and on board of this Dodge, posing as an Italian bus with Palermo as its destination. Actually the chase sequence is shot in its native Malta:
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