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Salvage Squad (Channel 4 documentary series, 2002-4)
Michael Gardner reports a show in season 2 of this series devoted to the restoration of a tram: Stephen Osman confirms this as Blackpool Coronation tram 304, already under restoration by volunteers from the Lancastrian Transport Trust. Stephen's full notes:

"The Blackpool tramcar in question was fleet number 304, the first Coronation in the batch, which was renumbered in 1968 as number 641. It had resided at St Helens Transport Museum since 1986.

In the opening scenes at the museum, numerous buses were visible, those that could be identified comprising:

Lancaster Daimler CVG5/Northern Counties 466 (NTF466), Greater Manchester Leyland Atlantean/Northern Counties 8151 (VBA151S), St Helens Leyland PD2A/27/East Lancs 54 (MDJ554E), North Western Bristol RESL/Marshall 299 (KJA299G), Warrington Leyland PD2/40/East Lancs 50 (BED731C) and Warrington tram no. 2.

In Blackpool, the following trams could be noted: Balloons 701/2/10/6/7, ex Bolton standard 66, Railcoach 622, Centenary 648, "Trawler" (ex Railcoach) 633, Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad "Vanguard" replica (ex Railcoach) 619, Boat (open top Railcoach) 602, a modernised Balloon (either 707 or 709) and
Engineering car 754. Also noted were Blackpool Transport ancillary Ford Transit 927 and Mercedes tower wagon 940, together with Leyland Olympian/East Lancs 368 (F368AFR) in the depot's bodyshop. Old film footage was also shown of Coronations (including 316) and Balloons in service in the 50s and 60s."
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