Compared with 'Spooks' this predecessor was slowmoving and largely studio-bound, but it had good storylines with a Cold War background, and a good deal of interest for the bus fan, not just in London. Head of the Operations Department of British Intelligence Neil Burnside was played by Roy Marsden supported by a strong cast. 20 episodes were made between 1978 and 1980 in three seasons.

Episode 1.1 First Principles:
London street scenes include the rear of an MD-class Scania Metropolitan and an AEC Routemaster:

Episode 1.2 A Proper Function of Government
London footage shows DM-class Daimler Fleetlines on route 24 loading and unloading, albeit with some lapses in continuity. Burnside misses the first bus; DM1150 (KUC150P) is seen passing the camera;
A second DM approaches and passengers are seen boarding by the split entrance:
As the bus leaves the stop it becomes obvious that this is actually earlier footage of DM1150 stopping at the point where the first sequence starts:
There follows a brief shot of AEC Routemasters.....
......before the DM is seen arriving at the end of Burnside's journey - and it's revealed as DM1148 (KUC148P)!
There's a later glimpse of another Fleetline:

Episode 1.5 Always Glad to Help
An episode partly set in Cyprus opens with this rear view....
.....and also features a British Airways Leyland National parked at Heathrow Airport:
Episode 1.6 A Feasible Solution
Several AEC Routemasters pass in the background of a scene in Trafalgar Square:
      ....but more interesting is this glimpsed 'decker - is this a British Airways Leyland Atlantean?

Episode 2.1 At All Costs
glimpse of a London Transport AEC Routemaster:

Episode 2.2 Enough of Ghosts
A London Transport AEC Routemaster heading away from Trafalgar Square....
....and an Amsterdam tram:

Episode 2.3 Decision by Committee
The distinctive rear of a London Transport Leyland B20 Fleetline, seen from inside an executive car:

Episode 2.4 A Question of Loyalty
Warsaw bus and trams:

Episode 2.5 It Couldn't Happen Here
London Transport DMS-types passing in the street. Not clear, but this might be DM1247:
Another, of a similar vintage (KUCxxxP batch) is followed by a Routemaster RML and a standard RM, the latter on route 11:

Episode 2.6 Operation Kingmaker
London Transport AEC Routemasters.....
....and this Duple Commander bodied coach:

Episode 3.1 All in a Good Cause
Man being followed suddenly jumps on a bus (RML2487, JJD487D, making the viewer nostalgic for the days of open rear platform buses when you could write that sort of escape into the plot. Just to confuse his pursuer, RML2487 then metamorphoses into RML2507 (JJD507D) as it speeds away:

Episode 3.2 To Hell With Justice
Mostly set in Malta, with brief footage of Maltese buses:
This trailer bus is seen at the airport:

Episode 3.4 My Name is Anna Wiseman
Two glimpses of London Transport Leyland B20 Fleetlines, one of them followed by what appears to be a Red Arrow AEC Merlin. This Plaxton Supreme-bodied coach is also seen in traffic:
Episode 3.7 Opposite Numbers
An Armchair Coaches AEC Reliance/Plaxton Supreme passes the camera; as it does so two London Transport AEC Routemasters and a Scania Metropolitan are revealed:
There's another glimpse of a Leyland B20 Fleetline....
...and a passing bus in Malta:
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