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Screen Two (BBC drama strand, 1985-2002)

Episode 6.08: Small Zones:

Broadcast in 1990 and starring a youg Sean Bean, this drama entwines the stories of a woman in an abusive relationship in Hull and a Russian poet serving hard labour. The Hull footage features trips on an AEC Routemaster of East Yorkshire Motor Services, in that operator's distinctive dark blue and primrose livery, which was revived when the company bought Routemasters to compete with Kingston upon Hull Transport. This particular example was London Transport's RM732 (WLT732), seen first in daylight and then at night:
Towards the end, as Jenny (Catherine Neilson) makes her escape from her husband by travelling to London, we see an even more striking Routemaster, RM1741 (741DYE), which was bought by the shortlived Citilink company from Magicbus in 1988. Citilink had two RMs, but this was the only one painted in fleet livery:
She crosses in front of the bus station, where Kingston upon Hull Leyland Atlanteans are seen, also the rear of a Dennis Dominator:
She finally boards East Yorkshire 20, a Duple 340 bodied Leyland Tiger in National Express Rapide livery. In the background can be seen an East YokshirerBristol VRTSL3/Eastern Coachworks:
As 20 heads for London it passes a line of parked Kingston upon Hull Leyland Atlanteans:

Episode 10.06: Dirtysomething:
Two New Age Travellers get drawn into a suburban lifestyle. Briefly seen is former Southern Vectis 119 (PDL514), a 1958 Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks, as a mobile home:
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