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Secret History (Channel 4 documentary series, 1991-2003)
The Killer Fog

An insomniac Scot Fergie watching Channel 4 at 5am reports "a fascinating documentary about the 'killer' London smogs of the 1950s. And they were killers - about 1000 people died in 1952. In the programme they were talking about the smog of 1952.....Plenty of stock/news footage of last tram week, including some at the breaker's yard getting burnt, and RT/RTL/RTW etc class buses driving through smog in Piccadilly Circus etc, and other newsreel stuff of Londoners wearing airmasks and perspex helmets."

The Nazi Officer's Wife

A brief clip of wartime Vienna with a single deck tram picking up passengers (thanks Chris Hough)
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