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The Secret Life of the Airport (BBC documentary series, 2009)
Episode: Joining the Jet Set

Footage is mostly of UK airports, unsurprisingly, but there is much of interest here, looking back to an era when security was less and 'plane spotters were encouraged. Small boy steps off a Bedford SB of the Ministry of Aviation:

Seen at Idlewild Airport, New York (since 1963 known as John F Kennedy Airport), are two Flxible Clippers in the colors of the Manhattan and Bronx Surface
Transit Operating Authority, a former division of the MTA. (thanks Daniel Dey)

We also see BEA Routemasters, the second here being NMY634E:

....also this pair of BOAC Duple-bodied Bedford SBs, and a later Duple Bella Vega bodied example:

This view isn't clear:

BOAC AEC Regal IV deck and a half coaches feature in several scenes; the only one identifiable is MLL749:

Two Bedford OBs:

...and what's this?

There's some footage of the area around Heathrow Airport, both old and new. The old is represented by a passing Green Line
AEC RF, the new by a First London Dennis Trident/Plaxton President on route 105:

A First London Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 is seen at the Stockley Park business park in Middlesex:
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