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The Secret Life of a Bus Garage (ITV documentary, 2016)
Documentary looking at the people and the buses at Go Ahead London General's Stockwell garage. The garage is significant architecturally, as when it was opened in 1952, it had Europe's largest unsupported roof span. Many buses are seen working and at rest, mostly Go Ahead buses.

London General LT46 (LTZ1046), an early New Bus for London, crosses the garage:
Metroline VWH1409 (LK62DWD) on route 52; it's a Volvo B5LH/Wright:
A double decker of Golden Tours follows Arriva London's DW126 (LJ05BNK), a VDL DB250/Wright:
A cross-section of Stockwell Garage's fleet: London General WHV21 (LJ61NVG, Volvo B5LH/Wright) crosses in front of another Volvo/Wright, three NBFLs, a Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer, and SE50 (YX60EOH), an ADL Enviro 200.
E133 (SN60BZE), an ADL Enviro 400:
WVL64 (LF52ZTJ), a Volvo B7TL/Wright:
EH23 (YX13BJJ), an ADL Enviro 400H hybrid, being refuelled:
Atmospheric views in the wee small hours:
In the centre is WVL120 (LX03ECW), with what appears to be WVL113 (LX03EEB) on the left; both Volvo B7TL/Wright. Nearest the camera is glimpsed EH33 (YX13BKF), another ADL Enviro 400H.
A glance across rooftops, featuring many NBFLs but in particular LT63 (LTZ1063) and LT68 (LTZ1068).
At rest:
LTs and a WVL; the only clearly identifiable is LT47 (LTZ1047):
SE51 (YX60EOJ) pulls out past SE49 (YX60EDG); both are ADL Enviro 200s:
ADL Enviro 400 E133 (SN60BZE) compares with Eviro 400H EH33 (YX13BKF):
Striking view of ADL Enviro 400 E159 (SN11BUP), showing its Stockwell running plate:
Assorted WVLs and a WHV:
WVL118 (LX03EEM) and a glimpse of WVL123 (LX53AZR):
WHV31 (LJ12CHK), a Volvo B5LH/Wright, and WVL111 (LX03EDV), Volvo B7TL/Wright:
Enviro 400s seen on the road from behind - E139 (SN60BZL) and Arriva London T91 (LJ59LZM):
Interior of WVL109 (LF52EDR):
A solitary Dennis Dart/Plaxton sits in the middle of the garage:
E14 (SN06BNZ) creeps into view:
Rear of EH38 (YX13BKN), an ADL E400H hybrid:
Archive footage shows a Leyland RTL leaving Stockwell garage:
....and RM403 (WLT403) pulls out from alongside two more RTLs, although the running plate shows it's a Poplar garage bus:
A wide view inside the garage features Routemasters, RTLs and both red and green RTs:
Unidentifiable Wright 'decker flanked by ADL Enviro 400Hs EH34 (YX13BKG) and EH37 (YX13BKL):
Cleaning two LTs, LT60 (LTZ1060) and LT42 (LTZ1042):
WVL117 (LX03EEJ) and a Dennis Dart/Plaxton:
A glimpse of Arriva London DLA337 (LJ03MFX), a DAF DB250/Alexander:
LT142 (LTZ1142) passes an Abellio London ADL E400:
Metroline VW1398 (LK62DVH, Volvo B9TL/Wright) is passed by London Central's EH18 (SN61DCE):
An unidentifiable 'decker is seen between Abellio London 9528 (ADL Enviro 400, SN12ABF) and Arriva London HV35 (LJ11EGD, Volvo B5LH/Wright), while Abellio London 9450 (LJ09CCZ, ADL Enviro 400) deals with the additional crowds caused by a strike on the Tube:
Minor bump between London United LT145 (LTZ1145) and Abellio London's 9543 (ADL Enviro 400, SN12ADO)
Glimpse of a Plaxton President bodied training bus:
E71 (LX57CJY) on the road:
Stagecoach London LT255 (LTZ255), passes cyclists:
Arriva London DW245 (LJ59AAF), a Wright Gemini 2 integral:
EH35 (YX13BKJ) turns in to the garage:
Arriva London DLA347 (LJ03MEU), a DAF DB250/Alexander:
Arriva London T106 (LJ59LYD) passes by - an ADL Enviro 400/Alexander:
Abellio London 9454 (LJ09CDN), an ADL Enviro 400/Alexander:
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