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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 34 (Thames drama serial, 1985-7)
Episode 1.01
Leicester City 41 (TBC41X), a 1981 Dennis Dominator/East Lancs, seems to have been hired for the show. It appears in several episodes; here it's seen from behind, and in a brief glimpse from the side:
Passing it on the other side of the road in the first scene is a white/green Plaxton coach, probably a Leyland Leopard:
Episode 1.02
A street scene features a passing Leicester City Transport Scania Metropolitan:
Episode 1.04
More views of Leicester Dennis Dominators, this one too close to identify;
....and this is 84 (B84MRY), a 1984 East Lancs-bodied Dominator in the then new livery:
Seen from above is very early (1978) Dominator/East Lancs 236 (UFP236S):
....then a distant Midland Fox Leyland National:
Leicester 41 is seen on route 13, as it pulls away from the stop, two more Dominators are seen in background, one in the old livery, one in the new:
      ....and a Midland Fox Daimler Fleetline arrives, one of a number of DMS-types acquired from London Transport:
Episode 1.06
Extended interior and exterior views of JFD289V, a 1979 Ford R1014/Duple Dominant I, in the livery of A C Coaches of Leicester:
London scenes inevitably include glimpses of AEC Routemasters;
...and less predictably a DMS-class Daimler Fleetline, albeit not in London Transport colours:
...and this time we see Leicester 41 from in front:
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