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Sharman (World ProductionsITV private eye series, 1996)

Shortlived, grimy and formulaic, nevertheless an entertaining vehicle for Clive Owen, this is mostly set in South London.

Episode 1: Take the A Train
I'm struggling to identify the first coach here, but the second is in Kentish Express livery and bodied by Plaxton:
Sharma drives past a parked line of coaches, including a Bova Futura and a Duple Dominant II bodied coach:
London Buses MCW Metrobuses drift in and out of the background:
A cafe scene has a backdrop of London buses, including a glimpsed Routemaster, a VN class Volvo B10B/Northern Counties route branded for route 88 'The Clapham Omnibus', and an L class Leyland Olympian:
Episode 2: Hearts of Stone
More MCW Metrobuses:
Episode 4: Turnaround
London General VC23, a 1989 Volvo B10M with Northern Counties body is seen from behind on route 133. It was new with registration plate G123NGN, but here carries 23CLT, which was originally on Routemaster RM1023. Another VC is seen approaching the camera:
Another L class Leyland Olympian with a Dennis Dart/Plaxton following:
A Routemaster route branded for route 159:
A reflected Olympian on route 220:
Another Metrobus, but I'm not sure about the partially seen 'decker:
A Routemaster interior:
The action switches to the South Coast, and we see a Stagecoach Leyland-National, and a MCW Metrorider pulling in front of a Dennis Dart:
Finally a return to South London, and a Kentish bus Volvo B10M/Alexander:
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