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Softly Softly: Task Force (BBC crime drama, 1969-76)
Spin-off from Softly Softly.
Featured slightly different opening credits in each episode of season 1, and these included brief views of Eastern National buses at Basildon bus station (thanks Richard Delahoy for the location) - these views are from episodes 3, 6 and 7:
Episode 1.03: Diversion:
A Bristol MW stars as the police close in on a gang and arrest them as they travel on the bus. This is Eastern National 1439 (OO9547), a smart 1962 Bristol MW6G newly rebuilt by Eastern Coachworks and retrimmed in dual purpose guise, operating from Brentwood garage. It's blinded for route X10 to Southend:

Episode 5.03: A Quiet Man
Not clear what this passing singledecker is in the background of the opening credits:
Easier to make out is this bus station scene, with Maidstone and District buses, all in National Bus Company green livery. A former Northern General Daimler Fleetline/Alexander leaves, passing two Leyland Atlanteans. The singledesker appears to be a Leyland Leopard:
Episode 5.08: Catch as Catch Can
Partly shot at Ramsgate hoverport, which also features in the opening credits:
One scene is shot on the forecourt of an East Kent bus garage. A Park Royal bodied AEC Reliance arrives alongside a parked group of Plaxton and Duple bodied AEC Reliances in a mixture of traditional and National Bus Company white livery. One of these is from the xxxxFN batch, which began life with Park Royal coachwork and were rebodied by Plaxton in 1974.
During the scene an East Kent AEC Regent V/Park Royal passes on the road outside, and a Reliance bus is seen in the garage:
Footage of an arriving SRN4 hovercraft follows, but you don't see much of this East Kent coach:
Episode 5.13: Skipper's Walk
Opening credits feature a Maidstone and District Leyland Leopard:
Episode 5.14: Cover
Opening credits feature a Maidstone and District Leyland Atlantean:
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