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Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (BBC comedy series, 1973-8)
Sitcom starring Michael Crawford and renowned for improbable and complicated plots leading to extravagant stunts.
Episode 1.01: The Job Interview
Jon Price recalls an early episode shot apparently in Dover, which has an East Kent AEC Regent V in traditional livery in the background. It's right at the end of the episode:
Episode 2.01: Cliffhanger
Frank (Crawford) and wife Betty (Michelle Dotrice) go on a picnic. In a twist on the 'Italian Job' scenario, Frank finds himself dangling over a cliff hanging onto the exhaust pipe of his Morris Minor balanced precariously on the edge. Betty is understandably horrified:
He's rescued by a coachload of rugby players....and the Morris Minor is hoisted up onto the roof rack of the Duple bodied coach. I'm open to offers on an identification (I think DFW402C), but it appears to be a Bedford SB.
Episode 2.05: Fathers' Clinic
Frank's rollerskates have run away with him and he finds himself holding onto the back of moving London Transport Leyland Titan RTL358 (KGU434) (thanks Graeme Selway). Maurice Bateman observes the scene was filmed in Edmonton Green in North London
Kevin McGowan also notes an SM-class AEC Swift in the background - and there's a DMS-class Daimler Fleetline as well
The conductress insists on payment, and Frank struggles to find the fare

Episode 3.02: Wendy House
Features United Counties Bristol Lodekka FS 662 (ABD662B); filmed on London Road Bridge, Bedford, opposite the United Counties garage. (thanks Gary) "This was the episode where Frank was let loose with a tube of superglue and he, two people waiting for the bus and the conductor ended up at the hospital stuck to each other, a chair and a temporary bus stop sign which had an LT roundel on the top" (thanks Graeme Selway)
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