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Sorry! (BBC sitcom, 1981-8)
Set in Wallingford in Oxfordshire and starring Ronnie Corbett as Timothy Lumsden.
Season 1 Episode 1: For Love or Mummy
One 1980-shot scene in Wallingford Market Place has a glimpse of a 1971 Oxford-South Midland Daimler Fleetline/Alexander departing on route 510 to Oxford, if memory serves me correctly. As you'll see it's but a glimpse, but the bus is one of the low-height batch 397-416 (TFC397-416K)
Timothy pursues a young lady across Wallingford Market Place to ask her about sharing her flat. She boards waiting Chiltern Queens OJO835M, a 1974 Plaxton Derwent II-bodied Leyland Leopard - note the destination screen seems to be blank:
Timothy pursues the bus on foot around Wallingford's one way system, down St Mary's Street.....
......and back up St Martin's Street to the traffic lights, where the driver won't let him aboard:
....so he attempts a conversation through the window - without success!
Episode 2.5
Timothy's mother passes him on a bus while he's telling a friend she's confined to the house - this is also a Chiltern Queens bus, but we see no more of it than this:
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