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The Streets of San Francisco (ABC police series, 1972-7)
The opening credits have numerous sightings of San Francisco's cable cars, including 1217; Star Karl Malden is seen standing on the back of one of them. Richard DeArmond notes: "This show featured lots of bits and pieces of San Francisco MUNI's Marmon-Herringtons and especially the Twin Coaches. Rumor had it that the producer was a traction nut."
Daniel Dey also notes a GMC PD4104 in episode 1.03.

Episode: Beyond Vengeance

"The first act starts with two girls travelling by night on a GM two axle coach lettered 'Southwestern Interstate Bus Co.' fleet number 101, it is silver with an orange strip. The GM goes from Phoenix to San Francisco with a stop at Oakland. At the San Francisco terminal, the back of a New Look stopped is visible. A girl is killed on the coach, and the police question the driver." (thanks Carlos Wallberg)
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